200W 3.5-Inch Mini Box Speaker System

200 Watt 3-Way Weather Proof Mini Box Speaker System
This 200-watt, three-way Pyle Hydra nautical presenter has been especially designed used for harsh out-of-doors environments. machinery majestic on your liner, deck, by your pool, or else simply mounted outdoors, as it’s completely waterproof. And it sounds great, too, credit to a 24 oz crowd-puller configure powering a 3.5” aluminum injection conduit woofer, 1.75” open dispersion cone used for rich mids, and a 1” super auditorium tweeter for gratifying highs. The built-into capacitor crossover meet people performs from top to toe-quality frequency separation to play down distortion and take advantage of the clarity of your sound. To save from harm touching the elements, this amp is equipped with a not fixed rustproof mesh interrogate on a muscular leaden-duty ASB construction. The deep reflex vent multiplies the low designed for a active low ending. Hook up your speakers using the quick-link up spokesman terminals - installation may possibly not happen easier. Includes a complete mounting kit and wires.

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