Panasonic 3D FULL HDTV Technology

The pitch to Visual authenticity : Reproducing Depth

Panasonic 3D FULL HDTV Technology

With Panasonic's VIERA 3D HDTVs, reproducing flawless natural images was the goal. Full HD 3D technologies send rightful-to-life images and do both spatial fidelity and minimized crosstalk in favor of realistic fact.

•Blurless 3D Imaging - earliest Panasonic technologies bear greatly cut-rate crosstalk. This results fashionable a highly realistic 3D experience with the purpose of allows you to dip physically in the image.

•Signal Image Rendering in 3D - Motion image performance has been auxiliary enhanced by optimizing the workstation, driver and panel. Smooth, lucid images are achieved even with 3D images.

•Reproducing Image Depth - VIERA's renowned black idiom is powerful with 3D images equally well. Deep, rich black rendering brings obtainable the natural beauty of both image.

New Crosstalk Reduction knowledge

By accurately detecting the in turn in place of all the proper-eye and absent-eye 3D images, Panasonic's 3D HDTVs lessen the fold up image question. This results trendy make, comfortable 3D viewing by dipping the crosstalk.

3D 24p Cinema Smoother

VIERA incorporates skill to analyzes picture in a row in both the preceding and succeeding frames, and creates a precise supplementary frame involving them. This suppresses the jerky effect seen in the field of movies, so playback is smooth and natural-looking. The distinctive tonal qualities and ambiance of the show are preserved, and you get pleasure from exceedingly convincing 3D images. 
Frame Sequential knowledge

The technology in which the missing-eye and acceptable-eye 3D images are sent to the viewer is the solution to 3D image quality. in support of this, gorged HD 3D uses something called the Frame Sequential expertise. chief, the plasma flaunt panel, which has a quantity of inherent advantages for emotive picture pledge, was added later to allow images in favor of apiece of the not here and right eyes to take place alternately reproduced on the rate of 60 frames apiece go along with (fps), making a figure up of 120 fps for both eyes. Viewers watch the images through anticyclone-precision 3D Eyewear*, which amenable and close the absent and right shutters here harmonization with the alternating images. when a effect, a separate high quality image is sent to every eye. This addresses the image quality problems and blurring with the purpose of were nothing special to earlier 3D systems, and creates sour, brittle 3D images.

Plasma 3D Technology

Panasonic 3D FULL HDTV Technology

•Smallest serenity - Reformulating the phosphor equipment has minimized afterglow and increased gleaming efficiency. This reduces crosstalk blare and displays translucent, detailed 3D images.

•Extra Light-Emitting Process - New VIERA optical equipment reduces crosstalk indoors dark areas. conservative light production, which goes from dark-to-light, was distorted to a light-to-dark sequence. This turns highest giving out warm feeling into lowest emission afterglow, and dramatically reduces the feel-good factor duration. besides, by speeding up the timing of both light giving out and expanding the interval until the subsequently frame's emission, we greatly concentrated the interference to the absent and sincere frames, which causes crosstalk, and reduced din. 

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