RF Amplifier with Op-Amp

Op-Amp's right, not wrong title. I know the op amp is approximately 20 years ago, at age 741/301 series, an easy calculation (gain calculation), affordability, and simplicity of construction makes a very interesting op-amp. So many of the implementation of the op-amp, and even had time to try to build the "op-amp based computer". Almost all can be built with op-amp, except for RF.

But that first, reversing the progress of semiconductor technology this condition, a few years back the manufacturers have managed to build an op-amp with a working frequency up to GHz. An article from Texas Instrument by Bruce Carter describes the application of op-amp (THS3202) on the rf circuit.

RF Amplifier with Op-Amp
20dB RF gain op-amp

Above circuit provides flat gain of 20dB in the range up to 200MHz.Terminasi input and output impedance is determined by the resistor 49.9Ohm. Strengthening the voltage is determined by resistor 301 Ohm / 5.16 Ohm. Choice of reinforcement could be done as to determine the op-amp gain.

RF Amplifier with Op-Amp Circuit
40dB gain IF amp using op-amp

The circuit above provides 40dB gain (2 x 20dB). Consider the provision of value as a determinant of the gain resistor (feedback). Note also the termination impedance at the point-B0 SFELA10M7GA00 ceramic filter a 332 Ohm resistor is applied there.

A front-20dB amplifer THS3202, SA602/TA7358 mixer, IF amplifier THS3202 40dB, 8MHz crystal ladder filter .. seemed to be an interesting combination ...

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This unit is very useful tool to interface load cell as an input to the Indicators, controllers, PLC having industry standard analog inputs: current or Voltage.

Load cell Amplifier