3W Stereo Amplifier schematic

3 Watt stereo amplifier circuit using MAX 7910 IC. The MAX9710 a stereo audio power amplifier IC capable of delivering 3Watts of out put to 4 Ohm loads. MAX9710 can be operated from a single 4.5V to 5.5V power supply , makes it ideal for hand held applications.The IC for 3 Watt stereo amplifier circuit also features thermal overload protection.

Circuit Schematics 3 Watt  Stereo Amplifier MAX 7910 
3 Watt stereo amplifier circuit
3 Watt stereo amplifier circuit 

This 3 Watt stereo amplifier circuit  is suitable for small power audio devices such as radio sets and portable CD players. 5 V DC power supply is used for powering the 3 Watt stereo amplifier circuit. 6V battery with an IN 4007 diode series to the positive terminal of it can also be used instead of 5 V DC supply. The 3 Watt stereo amplifier circuit will get a supply voltage approximately 5 V after 0.7 V voltage drop across diode.

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