Create a Digital Volume Control Circuit

This series is the volume of the digital amplifier That is used on or tone control. This series ic type using DS1669 Digital Pot IC specifically for this volume match. a series of settings used at the middle-class amplifier That small powerless under 50 watts.volum11components: C1 = 0.1uf Ceramic, IC = IC DS1669 Digital Pot, S1 / S2 = digital swicthOr you can use the series to this one:volum2The Work: The digital volume control IC uses 9.
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Required to operate the series voltage regulator is 12 volts. IC1 (555) is very good to work as a flip-flop. Frequency or period can be determined with selecting value of resistor R44, R45 is combined with a capacitor C6. In this series has a 0.3 second period.IC2 is used to Decrease or increase of the calculation. In the series of this mode is used to raise up and down mode is used to Decrease the volume. 
While IC4 and IC3 has a 16-channel, analogue multiplexers, while working as an analog switch. IC3 is used as in the series of level indicator while IC4 is used as potentiometer.After the next power in the on-it, and the switch S1 is pressed to reset. When the switch S2 is pressed, the IC2 and the balance in the form of output legs responded B, C, and D in CMOS IC2. Output B, C and D control line inputs IC2 and IC3, and the chosen one, the 16-channel output, by turning on the analogue.In this series, IC4 is used as the potentiometer is connected to the That resistor 15 (R9 to R23) each of the 16 input pins and resistor / capacitor combination with C2, C3 and R7 to the output. 
Switch S2 is used to raise and switch S3 is used to Decrease the volume.Electrolyte capacitor of 1uF (C4) is used to Prevent the occurrence of noise. While the R8 and the resistor R6 is used to Prevent Tension on the half-supply voltage in order to avoid distortion of the audio signal coming from the preamplifier. Meanwhile, capacitor C2, C3 and resistor R7 is provided to filter the audio. Happy work, hopefully successfully. 


R1, 2, 3, 4: 560R R16: 1,5KR45: 150KR5: 680RR17: 3,3KC1: 0,01uFR6, 8: 100KR18: 5,6KC2, 3: 100nFR7: 1MR19: 8,2KC4: 1uF/50VR9: 10RR20: 15KC5: 100nFR10: 12RR21: 33KIC1: 555R11: 42RR22: 56KIC2: 74193R12: 100RR23: 1,5MIC3: CD4067R13: 220RR24…R39: 560RIC4: CD4067R14: 470RR40..R43: 4,7KIC5: 7805R15: 820RR44: 330KIC6 N1-N4): 7407

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