LM3914 battery level indicator

LM3914 battery level indicator
Battery level indicator circuit is a circuit that is used to measure the battery voltage / battery. The main components of the battery level indicator circuit is an LM3914 IC. LM 3914 on Circuit battery level indicator is a monolithic IC that detects an analog voltage. And drive the 10 LEDs that produce a linear analog display on a given input voltage.

IC LM3914 is easy to get in the market and not expensive. IC LM3914 battery level indicator on the circuit is often encountered in a series of peak indicator audio signals in analog audio equipment. Battery level indicator circuit consists of IC LM3914, 10 pieces of LED, and a few resistors. The scheme of  battery level indicator can be seen below.

LM3914 battery level indicator

In the circuit of the battery level indicator on the supply circuit voltage taken from the battery / batteries through a switch. Didesaimn this circuit will only display the battery level when the switch is pressed. This is intended to save the battery voltage itself.

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