Stereo tone control with loudness and filter

Tone control circuit is used to adjust the tones before entering the amplifier. Tone control over equipped with a loudness and filter directly without using the switch to disconnected or connected. Part of his filter that is C1 and R1 from ground to input , and for his loudness on the R4 and C3 are connected to the input and then go to VR1. C2 and R3 go from ground to the input . After the input is set by volume or VR1 then procesed again by treebel ie C8 , R13 , R14 , and VR2 . Bass on R10 , R11, R12 , C7 ,C8 , and VR3. For supply voltages has been given a stabilization in Q3. See schematic below :
stereo tone control with filter
tone control super bass
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Part list :
R1 = 100K
R2 = 50K trim
R3 = 22K
R4 = 15K
R5 = 1K
R6 = 4K7
R7 = 330K
R8 = 330K
R9 = 3K3
R10= 5K6
R11= 8K2
R12= 5K6
R13= 1K
R14= 1K
R15= 50K TRIM
R16= 50K TRIM
R17= 330K
R18= 4K7
R19= 47K
R20= 1K
R21= 4K7
R22= 2K2
R23= 100R
R24= 22K
C1 = 15n
C2 = 15n
C3 = 560p
C4 = 4u7
C5 = 33u
C6 = 4n7
C7 = 39n
C8 = 39n
C9 = 4u7
Q1 = C1815
Q2 = C828
D1 = Green Led
This tone control is suitable with 150W OCL power amplifier type 036.But the schematic is mono, if you need a stereo tone control you must duplicate the components  and  circuit.
stereo tone control
Installation the stereo tone control

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