Simple power saver circuit

This circuit is used to save electricity in our homes to avoid spending too much . How it works ? This circuit of works to filter the AC voltage , and reduce the magnitude of the cosine curve AC current that will be read on the instrument KWH meters. KWH meters will work if there is a load wire passing through a coil of wire sensors to measure the AC current is passed, if the current through a lot of electricity. C1 and C2 worked as a deduction from stamping voltage if the switch is connected, so that equipment or components which enter the voltage was not much shocking.
Part List :
C1,C2 = 100pF / 400V or higher
C3      = 10uF / 400V non polar capacitor
Fuse   = 0.5W
S1      = Switch on/off
Use best quality capacitors
Use the circuit on each item that requires AC power house to besaved using voltage field of electronics goods. Or if you take the trouble to make on each item , then use immediately near the KWH meter, to disconnect to tke their input and issued again on output, should use the box to close the circuit.

I got this Idea from this useful site here

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