Power amplifier 450W with sanken

Circuit of power amplifiers with power output of 450 watts mono , amplifiers are also frequently used in the amplifier a high-power amplifier, which used in an event, in the field and the placed closed. Because this amplifier suitable for the woofer, fullrange speaker, and can also be fixed for the subwoofer speaker. To further strengthen and maximize the amplifier ,its power supply circuit also must be accurate, for electrolytic capacitors in power supply ,voltage capacitors use 80V or more, and a capcity 20000uF upwards, so when the bass amplifier is high , the voltage is not lot of experience dropping. Diode bridge use a minimum of 35A, or adjust the current input voltage. If the power supply has fulfilled the desire, the supply to the power amplifier.
In the buffer circuit uses PNP transistor A1266 / A564 / A733 /A1015 / A798 and NPN with MJE340.To the driver circuit using PNP transistor MJE350 and MJE350. For the final amplifier circuit use two set 2SC2922 and 2SA1216. Use a quality sanken transistor to maximize quality sound output.

Below is the amplifier and finshed PCB layout.

bottom view

Top view
If the track pcb does not look, you can download this series in the form of fort board, use the eagle cadsoft application to open it, but its components are not ordered , to their own satisfaction you can design it with your whishes.
 Download file .brd here

Installation power amplifier

This is power supply

already amplifier

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