Bully FM radio signals

Interfere with fm radio signal is fun, if you're bored or no work, you can do at home, where neighbors , at school , or even near the transmitter. With the circuit above you can interfere with the speech signal in condenser microphone , and the signal will be issued by the circuit will then be received by FM radio receiver and a voice that we remove it before going out mixed with the signals emitted by radio FM transmitter.
Part List :
R1  = 4K7
R2  = 2K2
C1  = 1n5
C2  = 47pF
C3  = 33pF
L1  = Nikelin wire coil with a diameter 0,8 mm and 5mm in diameter wound coil 10 x
T1  = 2N3906
Mic= Condenser Microphone
If the circuit does not work on the errors may occur :
Installation of the opposite transistor , incorrect placement of components , less voltage, the voltage is too high , the microphone is broken, transistor is damaged , broken coil .

Please note this circuit can work and receive FM radio reciver at distance of about 500 meters. And not to much use , because the radio will be able to slam his own neighborhood because they can not listen to good radio . :) good Luck :)

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