12 volt fluorescent lamp and transformer equipped

Valid schematic circuit diagrams of fluorescent lamps with a voltage source using 12 volt battery. This circuit 12 volt fluorescent lamp is very useful if the power goes out or can be used in a dark place with no electricity, but can use  the battery 12V. This 12V fluorescent lamp circuit i have tried and the results are bright, durable until decades. You can use 12Volt fluorescent lamps up to 40W. Use quality 12 Volt fluorescent lamp, do not use the fast heat, because the fast was also damage the transistor at 12Volt fluorescent lamp circuit . Do not occasionally mistaken in putting up the transistor .
Description for 12 volt fluorescent lamp Circuit Diagrams :

R1 = 220R/0.5W
R2 = 1/0.5W
C1 = 100n/100V
C2 = 220uF/50V
Q1 = D1885/D1710
A/B= To A fluorescent lamp/ and B to B fluorescent Lamp and just use one pin
B = Battery 12 volt with currents above 5A
Roll of copper wire on ferrite rod, with :
L1 = 1.2 mm diameter wire with many loops winding 20 times
L2 = 1.2mm diameter wire with many loops winding 20 times , and connected after the L1
L3 = 0.8mm diameter wire with many loops winding 500 times , connected after L2 and wrapped over L1 and L2.
F = Ferrite rod diameter of 10 mm
Number 1 - 4 in red will be connected to the winding.

This is transformator for 12 volt fluorescent Lamp
Installation fluorescent lamp with accu 12 V
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