Simple Inverter circuit with IC556 timer chip

This circuit is low power inverter , in this circuit only save a few components, about 9 parts. Voltage input from 10 volt to 16 volt DC into 60-Hz.  And then voltage will be raised to about 115 V with power 25 W. The first section of IC 556 timer chip is wire as an astable oscilator with R2 and C1 setting the frequncy. The output is available at IC 556 pin 5. The second section is wired as a phase inverter. That output is available at IC 556 pin 9.
Schematic low inverter below :

The transformer use 120 V / 18 VCT unit that is connected backwards, so that it steps the voltage up rather than down. At resistor R3 and R4 keep output transistor Q1 and Q2 from loading the transistor. The transistor drive the transformer . The circuit can you use to supply lamp or other electronic devices.

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