Simple Inverter Circuit from 12 V up to 120V elevated

This is a simple 120 V : 24 V , center - tapped (CT) control transformer and four additional components can do the operation. This circuit outputs a clean about 120 volt - 200 volt at 60 Hz and can supply up to 20 Watt. The circuit is self starting and free running. See this simple inverter circuit below :
Simple Inverter Circuit from 12 V up to 120V elevated

Transistor Q1 and Q2 use 2N5877 or similarity .If Q1 is faster and higher gain than Q2 , it will turn on first when aplly the input power and will hold Q2. Load current and the transformer magnetizing current the flows in the upper half of primary coil, and auto transformer supplies the base drive (two transistor) unti the transformer saturates.The transformator can use the 3A CT transformer an use the secondary coil for input and primary coil use to output, And input use the 12 volt secondary coil. Use 12 battery to power input , such as 12 V accu.

You can use the circuit at the time of death PLN electricity , using 12 volt battery or accu , you can turn n a fluorescent lamp or neon light.

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