Radio signal interference detector circuit

This circuit is  good for finding component causing incidence trouble voice at radio-set of receiver. Have been realized that in this time a lot of radiation of broadcaster which cannot be arrested by radio receiver limpidly. Sometime - sometime original voice lose to be swallowed  trouble - other voice trouble. So long as in installation each every real correct component, circuit will function properly . Besides can be used for look for the source of voice trouble . This appliance can be made to look for trouble at radio receiver which  not sound at all .

Part List :
S1=Switch On/of
G1=6V battery
Tp=Test Pad
SP=Speaker connector

To determine the level of interference , then the required injector which is connected with one leg and foot trimpot polar + diode crystal. To be more easier then made the switch as circuit above, the switch is derived from the meeting  trimpot legs that are associated with positif leg crystal diode. If the above circuit detects interference on the radio voice of the speaker issued a hiss. From here  can know which areas that emit a hissing sound , it means that components should be replaced. If all the components and the radios have been checked with injector there are no sound problems , but if the radio is turned on there are disturbances that the tool is not working, and you should check back this radio interference detection circuit.

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