Audio amplifier circuit with IC STK0039 (good quality amplifier)

Although the output of which was issued in this circuit only 35watts maximum, but th esound can be issued harsh , loud , and clear. If the voltage is fit and clean , how to assembly , components are good , the right speakers , this circuit will definitely make a sound that good to hear the ear.
See audio amplifier circuit  below :

Technical Information :
Vcc Max = 45V
Vcc TYP = 30V
Po            = 35W
RL           = 8Ohm
Icco TYP = 40mA
Icco Max = 80mA
I Max      = 10A
The amplifier can use to : tuner , subwoofer surround amplifier , surround amplifier , subwoofer system , car amplifier , PC amplifier , DVD/CD amplifier , Room amplifier . Because this amplifier good quality amplifier circuit.

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