12 Volt Battery charger , and also can Accu Charger

This 12 Volt Battery charger circuit best performance to charger 12 volt battery . Why this charger is best performance because this 12 Volt Battery charger quickly to recharger battery and shuts off at full charge. Initially , charging current is limited 2 A , but you can change for the transistor. As the battery voltage rises , current  to the battery decreases , and when the current has decreases to 150 mA or 0.15 A  this 12 Volt Battery charger switches  to a lower float voltage , which prevents overcharge.

See this 12 volt battery charger schematic below :

12 Volt Battery charger
12 Volt Battery charger Click to view Enlarge
The 12 Volt Battery charger can be charger wet  accu and dry accu , and to be make the accu old last longer. The output charger goes to 14.5 Volt. As the battery or accu approaches full charge , the charging current decreases and the output voltage is reduced from 14.5 Volt to about 12.5 volt, terminating the charging.

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Another factor that is important in sizing the 12 volt car battery performance is the CCA ( cold cranking amps )
ratings that measures the amps if they exceed or meet the at 0 degrees F and can sustain for 30 seconds
while having a voltage higher than 7.2 depending on the condition of the climate of the place.

January 30, 2014 at 10:42:00 PM GMT+7 delete

Thank you for sharing this knowledge. Can you please help me with an information? I need a 12 volt battery charger with 12-14 amps capacity. from the schematic above, what are the components I need to change to achieve this? and what exact specs of the components?

Many Thanks.