Schematic Audio Amplifier with IC AN7102S

This Schematic use IC AN7102S , this is setereo amplifier and have output speaker 7,5 mW with impedance 32 Ohm . Supply need 1Volt to 3 Volt , wow this amplifier low voltage. You can use this amplifier on radio is use battery . With just one battery with voltage 1,5 Volt you can play this amplifier.
See this Schematic below :

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Datasheet IC AN7102S
Vcc                   =  1-3 V
Pout                 = 2X 7,5 mW
RL                    = 32 Ohm
Ft                      = 20hz - 20Khz
Icco                  = 7 mA
Package         = DIP-18
Manufactered = MATSUSHITA

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