Schematic Audio Amplifier with IC AN374

This Schematic use IC AN374, this is mono amplifier and have output speaker 1 W with impedance 8 Ohm . Supply need 8Volt to 16 Volt , this Schematic you can use current Voltage 12 V. And better use the stabilizer with 7812 let the voltage stabil. The Effect will be on the sound so smooth.
See this Schematic below  and see datasheet IC AN734 :

Datasheet IC AN374
Vcc                = 8-16 V
Pout               = 1 W
RL                  = 8 Ohm
Ft                   = 50hz - 17Khz
Icco                = 12 mA
Package         = SIP2-10
Manufactered = MATSUSHITA

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