Monday, April 30, 2012

1500W Stereo Power Amplifier Schematic

Circuit Power Amplifier has a power output of up to 1500W RMS power amplifier circuit is often used to power sound systems keperlun for outdor. In the final image can be seen a series of power amplifiers using 10 sets of power transistors for the ending.

This power amplifier circuit using a transistor amplifier from the front, signal splitter, driver and power amplifier. Current consumption required is quite large power amplifier that is 15-20 A 1500W power amplifier circuits for this. Supply voltage needed by the power of this amplifier is the optimal working order symmetrical 130VDC (130VDC-130VDC ground). 1500W amplifier circuit below is a picture series of mono, stereo if you want to make it necessary to make two copies of the circuit. For more details can be viewed directly image the following 1500W power amplifier circuit.

The series of High Power Amplifier 1500W With Transistor

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In the above series of power amplifer 1500W is equipped to control a DC Offset function to set the power amplifier is turned on at the moment and with no input signal then the output should be 0VDC. Then also equipped with a flow regulator to the power amplifier bias. Final part of this power amplifier requires adequate cooling to absorb the heat generated. Power amplifier is not equipped with a speaker protector, therefore it is necessary diapsang protector on the speaker output so that when the power amplifier is not the case turned on the beat to the speaker that can damage the speaker.


  1. can u please put in all value of all diodes..thank you

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  4. Please help me with the voltage input of the circuit, on the circuit we have
    Four fuses with different rating and different voltages 130 and 135v, please help me

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